Here's what Program Directors around the country have to say about LIVE IN CONCERT!

"Great appointment listening. The live performances featured are always spectacular. I highly recommend ‘Live in Concert’ for all Classic Hits and Classic Rock stations."

- Bill Cahill, former Program Director, WBIG, Washington, D.C.

"We're excited to add Live In Concert! to the lineup of 100.7 The Bay. The show is a refreshing approach to live music that really captures the magic of attending a show by your favorite band. Lisa Berigan is an engaged host and we love her dog Daisy."

- Dan Michaels, Program Director WZBA, Baltimore, MD


"Our listeners are very passionate about what they hear and don't hear on THE RIDE, and they're passionate about 'LIVE IN CONCERT' on Saturday nights. It's a perfect fit for what we do and what our listeners expect."

- Dave Lingafelt, Program Director, WXRC, Charlotte, NC


“Going back through the years, one of my fondest memories of being a radio listener as a teen, was heading to various arenas and venues and enjoying live concerts on the King Biscuit Flower Hour. Well now we have LIVE in Concert and it takes me away as well today as back in my teen years. It is a staple to our weekend lineup here at KBUS-FM.“

- Eric Kauffman, Operations Manager, KBUS, Paris, TX

"Our listeners love Live In Concert!  It's a nice break from our Classic Hits rotation during the week.  Well produced.  Excellent audio from some of the All Time Great Concerts. Live In Concert  takes you Front Row!"

- Chad Fox, General Manager, KHIM, Mangum, OK

"One of the things I love about ‘Live in Concert’ is hearing cool nuggets. Get it on your station and you'll be a fan too!"

- Charlie Lombardo, Program Director, WRCN, Long Island, NY

"We were thinking about putting on a show like King Biscuit, but it just didn't exist. Then we found ‘Live in Concert.’ Who knew it was going to be so much better than anything we expected. Unreal service and quality programming."

- Darren McKee, Program Director, KDZA, Colorado Springs, CO

"After taking the station off satellite and starting 2017 "Live" we wanted a show that would compliment the direction we were taking the programming in. United Stations had just the thing: "Live In Concert." It's a great way to wrap up our weekend, and gives us some great content to talk about on air. You'll really like the way the show flows, and the artist selection has been amazing. It's something you should highly consider adding to your line-up. The Show Rocks!"

- Alan Hoover, Program Director/Operations Manager, WZZZ, Portsmouth, OH