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I saw The Stones in Chicago in 1978. Can you run that concert?
While we occasionally are able to fulfill requests, we are strictly limited to the material we are legally allowed to broadcast. We do NOT broadcast bootlegs. If you have a specific concert you'd like to hear, let us know by clicking HERE. If we can get the rights to broadcast it, we'll let you know.

Can I get a copy of last week's program?
Unfortuantely, due to copyright laws we are unable to provide listeners with copies of the program, or any live recordings contained within it.

How long has Live in Concert been on the air?
Our first broadcast was on July 12, 2008, on our flagship station, WBIG in Washington, DC. Since then, we have broadcast over 400 shows!

I heard a song last week during the show and was wondering who it was and what the name of the song is?
Please CONTACT US with the radio station you were listening to, and the exact time you heard the song. We will get back to you with the song title and artist.

How do I contact the host, Lisa Berigan?
Lisa can be reached via email HERE.

My local radio station doesn't carry Live in Concert. How can I listen?
Many radio stations broadcast Live in Concert in their local markets, and also stream the program online. You can listen to any affiliate's stream of the program. Click HERE to find an affiliate. You can also contact your local radio station and tell the Program Director you'd like them to add Live in Concert to their lineup!

Do you ever broadcast concerts live, while they're being performed?
Live in Concert features "Legendary Performances By The Icons of Rock and Roll." Broadcasting a full concert, live on the air would require hundreds of additional legal hurdles. Also, while most bands are quite polished on stage, occasionally even the legends have what they consider an off-night. Because of this, they're very reluctant to grant the rights for a live broadcast.

I'm in a band. We're really good. Will you run one of our concerts?
Live in Concert features Legendary Performances By The Icons of Rock and Roll. While we admire up and coming bands, and respect your ambition, we have instead chosen to focus on established artists with a long track record of success. We encourage you to stick with it and investigate other potential sources of broadcast.

Do you ever give away concert tickets, or other prizes on the air?
Occasionally. In the past, we have given away concert tickets, meet and greets, backstage passes, and even an autographed guitar.

I own a business and would like to advertise on Live in Concert. How do I get in touch with your sales team?
Live in Concert is nationally syndicated by United Stations Radio Networks. Contact them online at http://unitedstations.com/Advertise, send email HERE, or call them at 312-558-1630, ext 1.